The Mayor’s Hope Fund has done some fantastic work over the last few months. Here is some information about how the charity has helped various organisations throughout the city in this time.

Mayoral Fuel Poverty Partnership

The Mayor’s Hope fund was successful in securing £50k from Scottish Power Energy People’s Trust to deliver energy efficiency measures to the most vulnerable residents with the aim of reducing fuel poverty in the City.

Scottish Power Energy People Trust is an independent charity which provides funding to registered charities to help vulnerable and disadvantaged people out of fuel poverty.

The Mayoral Fuel Poverty Partnership is a partnership between Mayor’s Hope Fund and Scottish Power Energy People’s Trust and is an initiative being delivered by Liverpool City Council’s Healthy Homes Team.

The fund is used to provide home improvements including draught-proofing, whole house LED lighting, minor window casement repair, boiler repairs or possible replacement, replace radiators and advice on using less energy and switching energy providers for a cheaper tariff to homes that have a need and no other support is available to complete the works in a timely manner.

Healthy Homes work alongside the faith organisations, foodbanks and other partners across the city; identifying those in need of energy and fuel poverty support who may not normally seek help and those who are hard to reach.

Through direct measures, behavioural changes, energy efficient advice and benefits maximisation, grant applications and access to other support we hope to derive health and financial benefits for vulnerable households including elderly and families with young children within the City who are living in fuel poverty.

Case Study

Re – SPEPT Application for Mr and Mrs X, Liverpool 8

Mrs X contacted Healthy Homes in early December 2016 to report that her gas boiler was broke and there was no hot water or heating. Healthy homes staff visited the property to assess the problem. They discovered that both Mr and Mrs X were in their mid-seventies and both had a number of medical conditions which restricted their mobility and made them virtually housebound. They also found that they were on a low income and that basic outgoings were equivalent to their joint income. As well as this they were informed by Mrs X that the boiler had broken down a few months earlier and that they were charged an excessive amount for the repair which has not lasted. They both expressed concern that they may be unable to find a reliable, trustworthy and affordable tradesman and that they felt vulnerable to being conned.

Through the SPEPT scheme HHP was able to have the repair done and both Mr and Mrs X are happy with the service and with the tradesman that carried out the work. We also provided the couple with two oil filled radiators as temporary heating whilst their boiler was not working and they were without heating, which they said were a great help.

Asylum Link Merseyside

Asylum Link Merseyside has used money from the Mayor’s Hope Fund to cover 30% of the costs of basic food and materials in their kitchen from January to September. During this time, the centre has supported nearly 3000 Asylum Seekers.

A spokesman from the charity praised the Hope Fund, stating that “the grant provided through the Mayor’s Fund has fed people in the destitution food store and helped with the provision of meals Monday to Thursday to all the asylum seekers using the building.”


South Liverpool Food Bank

The money from the Mayor’s Hope Fund for the South Liverpool Foodbank was pooled together with money from both Central and North food banks in order to buy a van for the three organisations. The money from the charity has also gone towards the running costs of the van which has been a great benefit to the food banks, allowing them to move food from their warehouse to their distribution centres quickly and efficiently.


Progressive lifestyles

The money from the Mayor’s Hope Fund has been used to continue Progressive Lifestyle’s fantastic work supplying Merseyside’s most deprived council estates and schools with food. The money is also being used to fund a new van for the company. The new vehicle is estimated to increase the number of people the charity can help every month from a current 2,500 people to 4,000 people a month.

Walton Village Residents’ Association

Money provided by the Mayor’s Hope Fund to the Walton Village Residents’ Association has been used to run a “feed a family of four” education project. The project involves teaching people how to cook healthy meals from cheap or leftover ingredients.

Centre 56

The Mayor’s Hope Fund has been used by Centre 56 to buy kitchen supplies to allow them to continue their brilliant work providing food to child victims of domestic abuse. Pots, pans and a dishwasher have all been provided by the Mayor’s Hope fund. The fund will also be used to help employ a chef for the kitchen to cook food for the children.

Greenhouse Project Liverpool

The Greenhouse Project runs an out of school club and play scheme to children in Toxteth. The money from the Mayor’s Hope Fund was used to sign the Greenhouse Project up to the “fareshare scheme” at the children’s club. The fareshare initiative delivers weekly packages of food to the greenhouse project which is then used to feed the children as well as provide cooking classes.

The “can cook” cooking lessons teach the children the basics of cooking, including how to handle knives with care and the essentials of food hygiene.

The children feel a real sense of pride at learning to cook, and often go home and cook the meals again for their family.


North Liverpool Foodbank

The money from the Mayor’s Hope Fund has provided the foodbank with vital storage for their food.

The money has also been used to introduce a logistics operation that covers the whole of the city and works with both central foodbank and the South Liverpool foodbank.

This operation greatly helps to alleviate poverty in the city and provide the poorest people in Liverpool with the food they desperately need.


Merseyside Polonia

Merseyside Polonia are a Merseyside charity who help the local Polish Community feel welcome in the UK and help run projects  for the wider Merseyside community. The charity used a grant from the Hope Fund to run a series of cooking classes called “Cook With Us”. The classes provided 9 sessions for people who were interested in learning how to cook cheap and healthy meals from scratch. The recipes taught to the attendees came from a variety of countries and cultures, and were all healthy as well as tasty. The project was a massive success, with one attendee commenting that she couldn’t think of a single way the classes could have been improved upon.


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